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Help Us Respond to COVID-19

We are committed to bringing our experience, resources, and partners together to meet the needs of the vulnerable, both here in the U.S. and around the world.


For the last 15 years, Assist International has been developing innovative solutions to produce and distribute medical oxygen therapy training for those in need. Now, more than ever, oxygen is a crucial treatment required for those whose lives are at risk during this global crisis. We are working with partners to get this essential medicine to the most vulnerable populations.
We have also developed a comprehensive training series and resource library to provide clinicians, healthcare workers and biomedical professionals with remote training for those dealing with the COVID-19 crisis in low-resource settings. Together with our partners, we are empowering hundreds of healthcare professionals every week!

COVID-19 Tele-Education Series​

Providing clinicians and biomedical professionals with remote training, a platform for discussion, and sharing of best practices in caring for COVID-19 patients within low-resource settings. Our sessions take place online using the Project ECHO education model, and are live-streamed with all the video recordings and powerpoints made available for your use.


While we are all experiencing challenges and unknowns from the effects of COVID-19, there is ever-increasing risk for orphaned children and remote communities. Our orphan partners in Romania, Thailand and Uganda continue to report critically low levels of food, medication, and hygiene supplies.
We are responding immediately to ensure that the children and families in our program have what they need to rise above this crisis. Together with our partners, we are distributing food, soap, wash stations, and critical medication to families and children in need around the world.


Our program to distribute much-needed goods for those in need is also responding to families impacted by COVID-19. In addition, together with our new partner, Step Up in Crisis, we have delivered over 315,000 units of vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to front line healthcare workers across the United States!

Your support can change a life.​

Please join us in fighting the COVID-19 crisis by meeting the needs of those in desperate situations.

Where will your donation go?​

To purchase essential medical equipment, provide oxygen therapy and train on the ground healthcare workers in highly affected areas.

To help supply resources into the hands of families that are most vulnerable within our local community.

To provide vulnerable children with basic needs like food, water, and soap & support our partners who house and feed them.

Assist International provides life-giving solutions for children, families, and communities around the world that bring health, opportunity, and hope.